Punykura Artist Kit

What's IncludedUsing the custom link

Notice: With over 100,000 installs accross major mobile platforms, Punykura is a vast and rapidly expanding community for you to tap into.

Punykura Artist Kit
Download Punykura-Artist-Kit.zip to add an extra edge and polish to your Punykura custom Kura authoring. It also contains an example web-app that can launch Punykura with your custom Kura and be added to the home screen of mobile devices. View this example in action at anotherkura.punykura.com.

What's included

icon-styling.psd & icon-styling.pngYou can use these to add the Punykura-style curtain around your graphic. This is done automatically when setting your kura icon within Punykura, but these files are useful for making graphics for your website or other media.
website-files/This folder contains files to set up a simple example website that uses the custom punykura: link protocol to launch Punykura with your custom Kura. It will mold to fit both mobile devices and desktops and is set up to promote being added to the homescreen.
Don't have a website or don't want to set one up? You can simply wrap your .KURA file in a .ZIP file and upload it to popular hosting sites like DeviantArt.com, and it will be easy for fans to download into Punykura.
image-examples/This folder contains examples of images used for multi-layer stamps to add a recolorable area. It also contains the splash screen and icon image used in the example Kura. Using a PNG optimizer can greatly reduce filesize and is recommended. (TinyPNG.ORG is the best free PNG shrinker found to date, and was used on the example PNG's.)

When linking to your Kura you may want to use the custom punykura: link protocol. This has several advantages over a regular direct link to the file.
The custom link starts with punykura: and is a list of properties and values separated by commas. Here is an example of using it in a standard HTML page:

<a href="punykura:kura-url=http://anotherkura.punykura.com/Chipy.kura,kura-name=Chipy,kura-uid=821463554,kura-version=1.0.0">Download Chipy.kura<a>

This is what the parts of the link mean:

kura-urlRequired. Full address to the location of the file, including the http(s):// and domain name.
kura-nameThe name of your Kura as it appears in the Kura Info screen in the app. This is used to check if the Kura is already in your documents.
kura-uidThe Unique ID of your Kura as it appears in the Kura Info screen in the app. This is a number used to help prevent name confilcts and mismatches if multiple artists name their kura the same thing.
kura-versionThe version number of your Kura as it appears in the Kura Info screen in the app. This allows for the user to be prompted to download an updated version if one is available, or to automatically launch the Kura from your documents if it is up to date.

Remember, there are many advantages of creating a custom Kura to promote your brand or product.

Advantages of a custom Kura
LinksLink to your website or webpage in the Website field under Kura Info. This will make the link open in the browser automatically under Kura Info if the Kura is locked.
Splash imageThe splash image will show in the background of the app when the user first loads your kura from the File menu. You can use this image to promote your brand and website.
Iconic LogoAdd your icon or logo to the Kura to give it that iconic touch that says what your artwork is all about, right from the file menu.
Artist creditsYou can promote your story, brand, and following within the Artist and Description fields.
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